Why We LOVE Veterans!

Why We LOVE Veterans!

Since it is Valentine season, we thought we would put together some thoughts on why we love Veterans. The thoughts are random, some serious, some in fun. Please share with us what you love about Veterans in the comments below.

  • We love the way Veterans grow their hair after they get out of the military.
  • We love the way Veterans wear the blue and gold baseball caps from their past commands.
  • We love Veterans in the workplace, trying to get used to the new pace of doing things. Chomping at the bit to speed up and power through in as little time as possible.
  • We love Veterans who are our home maintenance providers, and how our little furnace or hot water heater problem is a walk in the park for them.
  • We love seeing Veterans homes, and their ‘I Love Me’ walls.
  • We love hearing Veterans say, “back in my day…”
  • We love Veterans families who say, “My Mom served…”, or “My Dad served…”.
  • We love the pride that Veterans families show daily.
  • We love how being a Veteran stays with you, shapes you, follows you, and alters you. Giving so much of yourself can do that!
  • We love that we get to serve our Veterans home buying and selling needs. It is a small way of giving back and saying, “thank you”.

We found these snippets from essays written by fifth graders in appreciation of Veterans, and wanted to share them with you. These kids get it. Enjoy!

  • Veterans protected us.
  • Veterans keep us free.
  • Veterans gave up their families to go out and fight.
  • Veterans helped to protect freedom.
  • Veterans have risked their lives in order to save ours.
  • Veterans are very brave people.
  • Veterans served in dangerous places to keep their country safe.
  • Veterans served for America’s freedom.
  • Veterans fought and risked their lives just for our safety and freedom.
  • Veterans think that every country should be a safe place for everyone to enjoy freedom.
  • Veterans are generous and kind and help others all the time.
  • Veterans made a lot of sacrifices.
  • Veterans put their lives in danger to keep our country free.
  • Veterans sacrificed their lives.
  • Veterans served our country, protected it, and they also protected us.

We sure hoped that we made you smile. Know that you are loved and appreciated. And, if you have any home buying or selling questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our Veteran-friendly real estate professionals. 

Thank you for your service!


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