In Praise of Veterans Veterans Day 2021 Edition

In Praise Of Veterans
Veterans Day 2021 Edition

Military veterans have a special place in our hearts here at On Veterans Day, we pause and reflect on those who have served in the United States military forces including retirees, those who currently serve, those who came home, and those we lost. 

We few, we happy few,

we band of brothers…

And gentlemen in England now abed,

Shall think themselves accursed

they were not here.


This quote from Henry V shows that respect for those who fight a country’s battles goes back much farther. The military’s virtues of courage, honor, and self-sacrifice have always inspired soldiers, sailors, airmen, and civilians alike. Individuals are flawed, but the veteran as an ideal is built into our culture. We owe so much gratitude to our veterans.

Our nation was born in revolution, settled a Civil War, fought two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, and the war on terror. Our military fights for our interests around the world, and our debt to those who served remains visible today. 

When we see a veteran, let’s freely say, “Thank you for your service”. Military service changes a person. Those who serve turn their lives over to our country for a period of time. We value their commitment to our country and the risks they take to defend and protect it. Veterans Day is a solemn holiday, as it should be. Here are a few observances of note for November 11, 2021:

National Veterans Day Ceremony 

Arlington, Virginia

This year as part of the Unknown Soldier Centennial,
you can walk on the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier Plaza
and lay flowers in front of the tomb. 

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Veterans Day Ceremony 

Richmond, Virginia

The 65th annual ceremony will honor those who have served and who are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. Attend in person, or watch it live streamed on Facebook.

The National Cemetery Administration can assist you
in locating a cemetery near you. 

A virtual Veterans Day observance is being hosted by
the National Museum of The Pacific War

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Again, “thank you for your service”. 


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